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Built with one man’s vision of a sanctuary for complete relaxation…

This extensive residence of 7.5 hectares – or 18.5 acres – offers a main residential house plus five separate guest houses incorporating nine ensuite double bedrooms. Immersed in Mediterranean maquis with sea views, the property is host to a large infinity pool, bespoke hot tub, and a fully-equipped outdoor barbecue area. Additionally, an area for gym and meditation is nestled within the grounds, along with an extraordinary Indonesian hut sheltering an outdoor lounge for massage or siesta – forging the relaxing ambiance that defines the property.  Within the main house, there is accommodation for staff by means of an ensuite double bedroom on the lower level, adjacent to the large laundry facility.

Hot Tub

Situated in the heart of the property, this bespoke hot tub is immersed within nature, ensuring total privacy. Comfortably accommodating twelve people, the hot tub offers therapeutic hydro-massage, whilst enjoying the splendid sea vistas by day and magical star-filled skies by night. There is also an intimate sun bathing area and a shower naturally incorporated within the rocks.

Swimming Pool

This heated infinity pool, spanning 17m in length, overlooks the spectacular Archipelago of La Maddalena and the surrounding countryside. A bar, sun bathing regions, sheltered lounger beds and changing facilities, complete the unique pool area. Treated with a modern electrolysis filtration system, swimming in this water guarantees a supreme sensation of well-being and rejuvenation.

Barbecue Area

Perfect for entertaining, the barbecue hosts up to thirty people seated under a sea of stars.  Guests will feel overwhelmed by the wonderful setting which offers special dining for any occasion. A covered lounge allows for a more intimate environment, whilst a fully equipped outdoor kitchen – including a professional cooker, wood-fired pizza oven and large grill – is subtly integrated in this refined context.


The harmoniously landscaped garden showcases nature’s magnificence and creates a balance with the natural and raw materials used in the houses. Discrete terracotta or stone pathways guide you gently around the gardens where the smells of Lavender and Helichrysum follow you as you weave your way around the old olive trees. Numerous shaded areas provide the perfect setting for relishing the hot Sardinian summers, some large for enjoying the company of family and friends, others more intimate.

There are two allotment areas of roughly 160m² and an olive grove of 53 Olive trees. The warm and sunny climate of Sardinia is perfect for a wide variety of quality produce including tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, salad and watermelon.  There is nothing quite like going to the garden and picking the freshest of vegetables before preparing lunch and dinner.

Emerging from the natural vegetation of Mediterranean maquis and variety of endemic trees, are the property’s olive groves and aromatic plants. Cast stress out of mind as you take a walk around this large estate and relax not only the body but also the mind.  Allow each pathway to guide you to hidden architectural delights highlighting the attention to detail and creativity of this property.

There are various outdoor dining areas to suit your mood including a large veranda with sea views, intimate courtyard and barbecue area with unparallelled views on the stunning night sky, moon and stars.  Here a celestial show awaits you each night.  With no light pollution, La Garibaldina provides a connection with our universe that is sadly lost in big cities. Forgotten joys of seeing countless shooting stars can be rekindled as the views of the Milky Way and our planetary neighbours provide a backdrop like no other.

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